Wednesday February 11 2009...

☆ We love the Love bugs and new Purple Bear, and Pink Hippo...these things are our favourites.

☆ So much new stuff it is hard to keep track of it all. There's the gorgeous new Tunnel of Love habitat for 300m and New pretty Red heart for 20m , Bunch of Red Roses 10g and they finally released the Jasmine tea as a deco...We want the Jasmine tea deco and the rose tea deco so badly.

☆ Trading Spaces Challenge...Please see Secret Mission link on our wall. We have less than 24 hours to complete a special challenge. PLEASE HELP ME

☆ Box 'o Valentines....YIPPEE!!! We love the box! We think it is so beautiful and we want to buy it....hehe... We are hoping our box is filled with Pretty Decos and MegaMinis. We hope there won't be too much food as sometimes the food spoils as it sits in the box. We can't wait 'till the special day to see WHO LOVES US?????

We are so excited to be in Trading (f)Spaces. We are designing a special habitat for our opponent. The biggest challenge is that we have to stay within budget...this is always the challenge in our life....lol! The budget is 1000m and I must submit a shopping list to the host....YIKES!!!!!....now completing Challenge two with less than 24 hrs to go.

UPDATE: WE HAVE STOPPED COLLECTING HEARTS FOR OUR CUPID PROJECT DUE TO FLUFF INTRODUCING A VALENTINE GIFT BOX. There is an announcement about our secret project on our wall and in our group. Thanks so much for everyone who helped. We are overwhelmed with fluff kindness!!!! We have really great friends. You guys are awesome!!! All contributors have been gifted and 10 lucky fluffs have been struck by Cupid's arrow...Check your box to see if you were one of those fluffs. (please see this link for more info)

☆ There are NEW and exciting things happening in our group. Check out the new GAME...Gifting Tree and other interesting opportunities...Join Today!

☆ We've signed up to participate in Designer Digz....can't wait for this game too...have a look

☆ Check out the gifting app called Fluff Gifts. Search apps and add it today. Send fluffy greetings to your friends. We spent hours creating images for the app.

Love Me's Valentine Art Contest

☆ Maple's Quest... Maple's got to get away from those horrible crocs but he doesn't quite now how to escape their friendship. He realizes that meeting these guys has not put him any further ahead. He still hasn't found the lion and he misses his mother terribly.
You can now follow the Maple series here on my blog. We've made it a slideshow and our 3 Wishes Fairy Tale too!

☆ There is always new art in our enormous gallery!!!! Please have a look .....and here's our blog.

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