Friday December 19....YIPPEE!!!
☆The new bonuses are out today...we"re so excited! They are all so beautiful!!!!! The butterflyes would surely love to play with Serenity and the Huskys and Seals would naturally want to hang out with my Penguin Charity and probably my polar bear too...and the Pila ...well no ones collection will be complete without it ...and did you see the hints of pink???!!!! SO SWEET!
☆Gift Quest...We are lucky to be on day 3 of the Flying Giraffe Gift Quest.....but today we will be taking our time gifting...with nice messages included. There's no need to rush as we can only give 20 gifts per day. We decided we'll try to make each of those gifts special and unique in some way with more thought and time put into it.
☆Art Contests...We are in a couple of art contest and really need your vote in our gallery. One is "A Romantic Christmas Dinner for 2", entered in the Christmas Galla Dinner and the other is for the AoFH contest. We love when you have a look at our gallery since that's what we spend a lot of time doing and we want to share it with you.
☆Fluff Tale...Maple's Quest...today there will be a new page in the tale of poor Maple, a young Giraffe who is forced by his mother to go off on his own and experience a few of life's lessons.
☆Christmas Shopping...we are anxiously waiting for new items.....we love everything they have come out with so far....EVERYTHING!
Thank you Santa!!!!!!! WOW we have been a lucky fluff. There are new Members in our family. There's Shyane, Moozy and a Roostee (currently with no name) We also got the new fireplace...Yippee and bits of gold...and....Deco tickets, candles and fluff ades...and lots of food. WE LOVE our SANTAs and we love the generosity here in Fluff land....we hope to do our part in spreading that joy and kindness around.
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!


Thursday December 18

It is Thursday December 18. It's been a fluffy morning for me! Have you seen the new bonus...look at that Husky...so sweet!!!!!...and we are on day 2 of the gifting quest...if they ever get it going again!
We also did some art for the Secret Santa Dinner Gala Event. It's in my gallery so please vote. The number of votes we get determines if we win something.
Christmas Shopping - WOW we love all the new Christmas items especially the new coloured habitats. We had to buy both paks...LOL. The fireplace looks really cool too and we love all the munny items....can't wait to see what's next. We are still collecting candles, instant snow and snowbanks.
FluffTale...Maple's Quest - Poor Maple has been left all alone by his mother. He's been sent out to grow up a bit and experience life after having given his mother a hard time. He's alone and afraid..stay tune to follow Maple's exciting adventure as he learns some of life's lessons.