Sunday February 15 2009...

☆ We would really love to have as many pink elephants as we can get...they are the cutest fluffs ever and what a brilliant surprise!!!!! We also have been waiting for the box itself. It's so beautiful..we hope we can have 3 so we can use it to make cake. The last minute decos out for Valentine's were gorgeous....the box of candies..the simple valentine, balloons...the list goes on...and on...and on...lol.

☆ Our Valentine's Day was made special by you my friends! The surprises in our box are AWESOME and our friends are AWESOME...I love you guys so much!!!! Thank you for really brightening my day. My husband finally did make it home and we were able to celebrate.

☆ To our wonderful friends...we have been a bit busy lately doing secret art for Trading Spaces and completing our episode. We have been improving our group Daisy's Diary and our Blog. We also were busy with our Secret Cupid Project. (all 74 people have been gifted and 10 lucky fluffs were struck by Cupids arrow.) Our mother is here visiting too...yippee!!!!! and our (adopted sister, July) so we have to sneak in fluff time here and there. On top of all this it is also the end of the term here in Thailand. Being a teacher we have many responsibilities at this time...marks and reports for over 300 students. We hope to get around this week to all of you to say thanks and for some fluffy visits with pets, feeds and gifts. Thanks so much to all of you helped me with my TS Challenge and thanks to everyone for all the gifts, feeds and comments on my art.

Please see our gallery for all artworks. This show is in the Forum. Episode 5 airing soon. We are proud to be a sponsor.The contestants must design a habitat for their opponent. The budget budget for the habitat can not exceed 1000m and a shopping list must be submitted to the to the host. Check out this thread....they also have a mini Art contest this weekend...check it out here.

☆ OUR GALLERY...we have decided to boycott the voting system. We are no longer putting our art in the public voting system. We love to share our art...but we do not love people who seem to enjoy voting 1 star. We would love for you to view our gallery and make comments. Please save our gallery link and come back often to see what's new.

☆ There are NEW and exciting things happening in our group. Check out the new GAME...Gifting Tree and other interesting opportunities...Join Today!

☆ We've signed up to participate in Designer Digz....can't wait for this game too...have a look

☆ Check out the gifting app called Fluff Gifts. Search apps and add it today. Send fluffy greetings to your friends. We spent hours creating images for the app.

Love Me's Valentine Art Contest

Trading Spaces mini weekend Art contest #6

☆ Maple's Quest... Maple's got to get away from those horrible crocs but he doesn't quite now how to escape their friendship. He realizes that meeting these guys has not put him any further ahead. He still hasn't found the lion and he misses his mother terribly.
You can now follow the Maple series on my blog. We've made it a slideshow and our 3 Wishes Fairy Tale too!

☆ There is always new art in our enormous gallery!!!! Please have a look .